Romeo And Juliet Nurse Quotes

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What is a mother? Someone who gave you life? Or someone who cared for you your entire life? In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers who are in opposite households in a feud. They are trying to be together but the feud between their families is keeping them apart so they come up with a plan to stay together but terrible events one after another keep happening. In the story Juliet’s caretaker,the nurse, they have a stronger bond than Juliet has with her own mother. Because of this Juliet is closer to the Nurse than her mother and the Nurse can influence her decisions because of their bond, the Nurse plays a key part in uniting Romeo and Juliet. One Way Juliet is closer to the Nurse is because the nurse raised Juliet ever since she was a baby “And she was weaned—I never shall forget it, Of all the days of the year, upon that day. For I had then laid wormwood to my dug, Sitting in the sun under the dovehouse wall. My lord and you were then at Mantua.” (1,3,26-30 ). This quote is when the nurse “hijacks” Juliet and her mother's conversation and is remembering when she was taking care…show more content…
Also, the nurse is one of the only people Juliet can trust, they have a mother to daughter relationship, this relationship was built on the fact that the Nurse was there for all Juliet's moments and since lady capulet missed those moments she doesn’t have that bond with her daughter. Does Lady Capulet believe Juliet thinks of her as her true mother? Sometimes, that is why when she and Juliet are talking she calls back the Nurse because she doesn’t know much about her daughter. Juliet's bonds with maternal figures vary in each relationship but the Nurse has the strongest bond with Juliet, Lady Capulet and Juliet barely have a
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