Romeo And Juliet Parents Quotes Analysis

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Parents. Everyone has them, and everyone either loves them or hates them. They give their children a house to live in, provide food and water, raise and teach them valuable lessons. But do they know what's best for them? Parents don't know the answer to everything whether they have been in the situation before or not. Shakespeare shows that in the different situations their parents were put in, they either did or they didn't know what to do. Romeo’s parents know what to do when he is sad and even when he almost gets killed for avenging Mercutio. Juliet’s parents don’t know what to do when they forced her to make the choice to marry Paris and when they didn't let her have her own opinion. In some situations, parents don't know what to do for…show more content…
— Come, madam, let’s away.” (Shakespeare 1.1.159-162). This quote shows that by letting a friend talk to him, Romeo's parents did the right thing. They knew Romeo would be more comfortable talking to a friend than to a parent. Romeo's parents knew what to do in that situation, and when Romeo almost got killed because of vengeance. Shakespeare shows that his parents know what to do in this situation by showing us what they do when Romeo almost gets killed. “(montague) Not Romeo, Prince; He was Mercutio’s friend./ His fault includes but what the law should end,/ The life of Tybalt./ (prince) And for that offense/ Immediately we do exile him hence” (3.2.193-197). This quote shows that they persuaded the Prince not to kill Romeo and only banish him. Thus keeping their son alive. Romeo's parents almost always seem to know what to do. Thus showing that they thought through these situations thoroughly. Juliet's parents, on the other hand, haven't had any of their children live long enough to know what to do when someone wants to marry one of them. When Paris asks to marry Juliet a second time, the are quick to approve the
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