Romeo And Juliet Parents Vs Life

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Parents vs Life Should parents chose who their kids should date? i say no, Because part of life and school is making mistakes and learning from them. How are u supposed to know what not to look for or what to look for in a guy/girl if you never dated any to know. Let 's take the story of Romeo and Juliet. In this story there the montagues and the capulets and they hated each other. and romeo and juliet cross each other and instantly fall in love but they have to keep their love secret because of their last names and their parents decisions. When our parent make the decision for us in our life that puts a big hole in our learning process of life because that is the main thing of our learning. How are we supposed to know what we want or don 't want. By having a relationship we can find what we like and what we don 't like. Another thing is the parents could be wrong on what guy is right for her. No one can choose your fate. On the outside the would be nice and look nice but behind closed doors you don 't know what they 're like. They could treat your daughter really good in front of you but when there alone he could treat her really bad but she won 't dump him because she doesn 't want her parent to be disappointed in…show more content…
A third reason this argument is you will create resentment from your kids to you. As a teen i would know this better than any adult would. My friend liked this boy and he kinda broke her heart and her parents knew and they told her that her that she can 't talk to him or hangout with him. My friend got her phone taken away because she talked back to her parents which made even worse resentment towards her parents. By her parents doing this it made a whole new outlook on her parents. During this dilemma she probably thought her parents were the meanest people in the world and why would they do this to her. I know no parent would want there kids hating them so i sugest parent don
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