Romeo And Juliet Persuasive Analysis

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I fear I have created a storm of trouble between the Montagues and the Capulets. The young heirs of the houses have fallen deeply in love and have asked me to marry them. Filled with great doubt about the marriage, I married the star-crossed lovers after meeting each other twelve hours earlier. I made the assumption that Romeo and Juliet’s love had the power to end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo, the husband of Juliet, has slain the Capulet’s beloved and murderous Tybalt. Our merciful and just Prince has given the Montague a banishment from Verona. I believe I have made poor judgment on the situation and foresee many misfortunes in the near future. The young couple seems desperate
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Their ignorant decisions, including my own, caused their unfortunate deaths. I believed Romeo and Juliet’s love had the power to end the quarrel between the two houses. My quest to end the feud blinded my judgment and morality. On Monday night, Lord Capulet, unknowing of Juliet's marriage with Romeo, engaged her with the Count Paris. When Juliet tried to convince her father to cancel the wedding, Lord Capulet threatened to disown her. Juliet, lost as the Garden of Eden, seeks my help to repair her situation. For if I am unable to do so, she shall commit the sinful act to an eternity in the underworld by putting a knife through her heart. With a cloud of ignorance covering my eyes, I foolishly gave the naive Juliet a vile that makes her sleep for forty-eight hours making her seem dead. With all of Verona believing the young Capulet was deceased, I sent out a letter to the exiled Romeo saying his wife was alive and only sleeping. Romeo, not receiving the letter, heard of Juliet’s death and came back to Verona to die in her arms. After sneaking back into Verona and killing Paris, Romeo drank a poison causing him to die next to his bride. Moments later, Juliet awoke from her slumber to find her beloved Romeo dead. Devastated, Juliet stabbed herself to be reunited with the love of her life. The Lords of the Capulets and Montagues saw their dead children and end the hatred between the two houses. I confessed my
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