Romeo And Juliet Power Of Love Analysis

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Power of love Romeo , romeo , romeo and Juliet , Juliet , Juliet was once were lived in seprate house and didn’t even know each other romeo loved another girl and her name was Rosaline. Rosealine swear a other that she will never marry/be a nun and romeo is know upset. Now romeo is going to a party and about to meet Juliet and this were we began the story of how Power of love is so power full in this story. Mercutio brings romeo to this party to find a different girl and their is other girls out their for him to have. So romeo see Juleit from across the room and just falls in love with her deep love and so they kiss a few and then Juilet says that “ You kiss by the book” Act 1 Scene 5. After they have kiss Juliet nanny comes by and say’s…show more content…
Then juliet ask’s her nanny for help the nanny say’s she can’t help her right now at all. So now Juliet is goes to the Frier for help and Frier says he can’t help at first. So then Juliet say then kill me then with a dagger in her arm. Just a few seconds later the Frier says ii can help you you just have to drink this potion and you will be “died” to the people and we will let romeo know that to come get you. So later that night right before she drank the potion she said “ how if, when I am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time that romeo come to redeem me? There’s fearful point! Shall I not then bestifled in the vault to whose foul mountan no healthsome cail breathes in, and there diestranders ere my romeo comes? Act 4 Scene 2. Their for the power of love it show that she does have concerns for it but she will do anythings to her love romeo any that’s super crazy that she will do that just to see him. Would you do that? Romeo, romeo, romeo and Juliet , Juliet , Juliet power of love they did anything just so see each other.when like romeo coming to a party that he never thought he was going to meet Juliet and right after the party and talk to her. Then the point to get married to a Montague even though their not supposed to and fianlly but not least the potion that
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