Romeo And Juliet Responsible For Friar's Death

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Nine eleven, the Paris shootings, and Brussel’s bombing, all pessimistic tragedies that shook the world, and taking many lives of innocent people. Of course, there is always someone to blame for these horrific events. Whether it is Al-Qaida or Isis, tragedies always are someone’s fault. That is why in the “Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”; there is definitely someone responsible for the deaths. The person, who is responsible for the deaths, is none-the-less the Friar. Without the Friar, Romeo and Juliet would have never taken their own life, and the lives of many others would not have been lost. First of all, the Friar never should of married Romeo and Juliet without their parent’s consent. Even though the friar had good intentions, it was a bad idea. The Friar new it was a bad idea because he said, “But come, young waverer, come, go with me, In one respect I’ll thy assistant be…” This means that the friar will help Romeo with his secret wedding. Therefore the Friar Knew it was a bad idea, due to the fact that he called it a “secret” wedding. The Friar may have thought that he was just helping two young innocent lovers unite with each other in marriage, but what the only thing he did was make their lives more complicated. Just think about it, if the friar had never married Romeo and Juliet, it would have given…show more content…
The fact that Romeo and Juliet where each from families that hated the other guaranteed they were doomed from the second they laid eyes on each other, so here death is the fault of the parents. In a way, if the Montagues and Capulet’s could’ve just been friends, all these deaths could’ve been avoided. Therefor the deaths were the parents were the parents fault, not the Friar’s. This is not accurate, because even if the families were best friends, Lord Capulet would have still wanted Juliet to marry Paris not Romeo , and they woul have gotten in a feud
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