Romeo And Juliet Rush Things Too Fast Essay

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Rush Things? NO WAY! Imagine two families hate each other and only two people, Romeo and Juliet can end the feud between the families, but the plan to end the feud ends up backfiring, killing six of the family members including Romeo and Juliets. Because of this reason the theme of Romeo and Juliet is do not rush things too fast or there will be consequences in the future. This is shown throughout Romeo and Juliet rushing their marriage causing their deaths. Friar Lawrence didn’t want to marry Romeo and Juliet, he knew they were rushing the marriage, but he married them anyway to try and stop the feud between the Capulets and Montagues. Romeo and Juliet rushed into their marriage and because of that there were many consequences after. One consequence is when Friar …show more content…

It supports my claim, because if the Capulets would’ve never rushed things by trying to have Juliet marry Paris, Juliet wouldn’t have faked her own death then having the plan for Romeo and Juliet get back together backfire. Also if the Capulets didn’t rush Paris and Juliet to get “married”, Paris would never have died. The only reason Paris died is because Romeo got banished from Verona. So Romeo didn’t want Paris to turn him in for being in Verona when he’s not suppose to, so the only option to prevent him from turning him is to kill him. Therefore, if Romeo and Juliet didn’t rush things too quickly Paris wouldn’t have died. Romeo would've never been banished, and Friar Laurence wouldn’t have to come with a plan for Romeo and Juliet to get back together backfire. Even though Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris were somewhat minor characters there deaths, including Romeo and Juliet's were totally preventable. Despite the plan didn’t go as planned causing the deaths of several people, none if that would've happened, if Romeo and Juliet didn’t rush to quickly in their

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