Comparing Act 5 Scene 5 Of William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Introduction: This scene takes place after Juliet goes to talk to the Friar about finding a solution in marrying Paris. The Friar realizes that he can’t marry Paris to Juliet anyways because he’s already married Juliet to Romeo. He decides to give her a sleeping position, so that she can fall asleep and people think she’s dead and bury her. The plan is that Romeo will come back and get her, so they can escape to Mantua and live happily ever after. Little did she know that Paris was waiting for her outside.

Juliet: Love will give me strength, and strength will help me accomplish this plan. Goodbye, dear Father.

They exit separately. As Juliet is leaving she starts talking outloud to herself.

Juliet: Oh what do I do now! All I want is my
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We’re not married yet. Who knows, a tragic event might happen before our wedding and we might not say our vows.

Paris: My lady keep your spirits up! They are drowning your beauty. We are like two swans in love. You are the stars to my night. You are everything I think about. You’re the first and last thing I think about in my day. I love you Juliet can’t you see it?

Juliet: What are you talking about? We don’t even know each other that much? Love is a patient thing. Full of time and feeling. Call me your wife after our marriage.

Paris: We don’t need to know each other, it's love at first sight. I knew from the second I saw you that I wanted no one else but you Juliet. I want to call you my wife because I can see a future with you. Our future will start this Thursday.

Juliet: You think we’re in love because you asked my father to go marry me.
Paris: No I asked your father for your hand in marriage because I love you, not your hand in love. I agree love is a natural thing and thing we could have it if you just let yourself go to me. I wanted to not rush this marriage, but your wise father has suggested that Tybalt’s death has made you unbalanced and that you should marry me sooner to make you stop crying and end your period of
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