Romeo And Juliet Summary

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Summary of “Romeo and Juliet”
Between the noble families of Verona Montagues and Capulets many years reigned implacable enmity. They competed. Over the years, the brutal confrontation seemed to become subside, but occasionally still made itself felt. That 's another fight broke out Sunday morning in a beautiful city. It all started with an altercation servants, and resulted in a clash of lords and general landfill. Duke Escala, the ruler of Verona, after a vain attempt to restore peace between the warring families declared their will from now krovoprolitya culprit will pay for it with his life. Young Romeo Montague did not participate in the massacre. It has long and hopelessly in love with the noble beauty Rosaline, who took a vow of virginity,
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There will Rosalina - niece of the owner of the house. This they learn from the scroll with the names of invitees that was sent with the news Pietro could not make himself, but only by accident encountered on the street Romeo and his friends. Romeo is not sure whether they want to go on this holiday, it creeps into the soul of a terrible premonition, but friends insist he headlong goes there. The ball is in full swing. Everyone is dancing and having fun. Suddenly Tybalt, a nephew of Lady Capulet, and therefore a cousin of Juliet, Romeo learns in a hostile family representative. Signor Capulet stops hotheaded Tybalt, Romeo recognizing young noble qualities such as virtue and courtesy. Forced to accept externally, leaves Tybalt anger at himself. But Romeo did not notice anything. Completely forgetting about Rosaline, he can not take his eyes off the girl 's radiant beauty. This is Juliet. She also feels an irresistible attraction to the unknown boy. Being lost in a crowd together, Romeo and Juliet to each other express their dismay and allegories, exchanging a kiss, understand that love at first sight. Soon they find out what an abyss separates them. The guests. Deleted noisy friend Romeo. Gradually, calms down and is immersed in District dream and loving hearts there is no
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