Romeo And Juliet Society Quotes

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Society is not’s not what we wish it could always be. By definition, society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. Meaning, Society is the act of living together in whole...but that doesn’t mean everything goes right. It only flows on what we make it and how we decide to control the situation. Leading to occur that sometimes we may not always consider the best of social decisions. In fact, we may possibly make the worse of decisons resulting in the greatest of tragedys. In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakesphere, substantial tragedy is shown by the flaw of no acceptance from two feuding families portrayed throughout the play with obnoxious fights and distasteful arguments. Unquestionably,…show more content…
A core concept of no acceptance is when Juliet wishes to not get married. As with most parents, they are understanding of what their child feels is right for them but as for this story, this is not the case. ”Can you like the gentleman?” Lady Capulet asks clearly disapproving of what her own daughter wants and believes. Lady Capulet doesn’t care for what Juliet desires, she only cares for what she believes would make of the best impression. Lord Capulet even says he will disinherit her if she does not marry Paris. Another significant example of Lady and Lord Montague/Capulet ignoring the acceptance of others is when Tybalt and Mercutio fought. “Draw your sword, Benvolio. Let’s beat down their weapons [Mercutio talking].” (act 3), conveys how the feuding families choose to deal with their depsising of each the act of fighting. Choosing to let their non-accpetance of one another show through physical contact is how things get worse. Fighting is what leads Lady and Lord Montague/Capulet to hating each other more. Furthermore, all fighting does is lead to death or close to death and that’s why these head leaders of the family despise on another so much and how they choose to show their lack of afection. Nonetheless, many humans portray flaws, it’s just how we work and how we learn to grow. But sometimes these flaws can get a little or otherwise a lot out of hand. Sometimes flaws that may seem small turn for the worse and can destroy potential friendships, loves, and oppurtunites. In Romeo and Juliet a character flaw of great bounds of hatred and non-acceptance is shown by the head leaders of the Montague and Capulet family all throughout the play. What may seem as a short token of disapproval can inch its way into a bigger problem that results in huge tragedy and or great
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