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In the book Endangered by Eliot Schrefer, Sophie, a brave and determined character, meets Otto, a bonobo, for the first time and saves Otto from the bonobo trafficker on the street. Sophie cares for Otto a lot and when conflict springs out of control in Congo, another arises deep in the sanctuary when soldiers invade the area. Sophie goes on an adventure and she manages to rescue the bonobos from the soldiers and they begin their way to safety. This heroic action should be rewarded and Sophie should belong in the hall of fame. On the other hand, In the play Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence belongs in the hall of shame. He deceived both Romeo’s and Juliet’s parents, and he deceived Paris, too. He married Romeo and Juliet knowing that it could …show more content…

Sophie, realizing that the one of the bonobos were hurtling toward the electric fence, shouts and tries to save the bonobo from hitting the fence. Fortunately or unfortunately, the electric fence was off. Sophie begins to save Otto before the soldiers in the sanctuary realize that the electric fence was off. She begins to attempt to take Otto out and go to the capital. Realizing that the other bonobos have followed, she attempts to bring all of them to safety. Even though one bonobo died, she was on her way to the capital and bringing them to safety was key. Sophie knows that she can’t let the group keep following her so she gave Songolo a sleeping pill and let the group wander to a safe location. Sophie kept going and she was determined and received help, but she also helped the teacher who lived in the building that had a sign that said AIDS. She helped the teacher and his students locate food and clean water. When Sophie arrived at the U.N. the officer said that she cannot be helped so Sophie determined to help the bonobos, went to find her mother. When she found her mother, they went back and saved the bonobos and moved them back to the sanctuary and since the soldiers were gone, they renovated a lot and the sanctuary was bigger and better, but without Sophie, the bonobos would not survive with the electric fence

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