Romeo And Juliet Suite No. 2, 64B

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IC2016 World Premiere Concert has given me a wonderful experience of magnificent pieces of music works. Among those amazing works in the concert, the masterpiece of Prokofiev’s, Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2, 64B was the one who caught my attention the most. This report will discuss how Prokofiev evokes the elements of romantic music in the movements of Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2, 64B by looking at each of the movements. Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2, 64B is classified as one of the Post-Romanticism Music as it was written in 1935 after the Romantic period. The post romanticism music has longer duration in its orchestra and more expressive melodies comparing to the music in the romantic period. Meanwhile, the music of Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2, 64B still expresses the characteristic of Romantic music, which are the sudden mood contrast and the less regular rhythm. In the first movement of “Montagues and Capulets”, the significant mood contrasts was assembled by the tempo diversity between Andante and Allegro. The introduction part of the first movement started with a moderately slow tempo of Andante with accompaniment of violin sound. It then continued with a solemn music of brass chord which depicted the conflict between the two families. Then, there was one repetition of the sequence before it went to a heavy, angular march theme music accompanied by a dull trombone sound, which replaced the mood into a rapid tempo of Allegro with a shifting in the melody of around an

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