Romeo And Juliet Throughout The Play

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“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Act II. Scene ii. Line 33). A famous line spoken by the heroine of the play Romeo and Juliet. Our heroine Juliet goes through many conflicts through the course of this play. From rushing into marriage, to being torn between Tybalt and Romeo, to killing herself to be with her beloved. Yet throughout the play Juliet shows us that she isn’t the quiet and obedient girl she was portrayed as in the beginning, because as she meets and falls in love with Romeo she is loving, witty, loyal, and strong. In Act II Romeo goes to visit Juliet but as he is hidden she does not notice him until he makes himself seen. As Romeo is hidden he overhears Juliet confessing her love for him and asking of him to give up the name of Montague and in return she will give up the…show more content…
Romeo has heard that Juliet is dead, but as he was never informed of what Juliet and the Friar had planned he does not know that she is not truly dead. As Juliet awakens from her death-state she is greeted by the Friar and she ask where her beloved is. As the Friar shows her that Romeo is dead as well as Paris, he informs her that the watchmen are on there way here and that they should leave now or be caught. Juliet denies him and says she will stay there and join her Romeo in death. As the Friar leaves Juliet looks at her beloved and realizes that he has drunk poison in which to kill himself and she looks to see if there is a drop left in which she could use. There is no poison left and she kisses him on the s lips in hopes that there will be some poison that had remained clinging to his lips. She is disappointed to find none left. She soons hears the Watchmen approaching and she spots Romeo’s dagger. She takes his dagger and says, “This is thy sheath; there rust and let me die,” (V.iii.170). She stabs herself and then falls to the ground soon to be with her beloved. Showing that she would do anything for
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