Romeo And Juliet Blame Analysis

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There is one thing embedded human society and that is blame. Blame overall is the action of putting shame on a person because they may or may not have done something incorrectly. Blame seems to be used a lot with people because they do not want to accuse themselves of the problem for the reason to not look bad in front of others, so therefore they resort to blaming others. For instants, in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, blame seems to be an important factor because there are many people who are to at fault for Romeo and Juliet's inevitable demise. From what the story shares, there are many people at fault but I believe that the two factors to blame for Romeo and Juliet death are the Juliet parents and Romeo and Juliet’s want…show more content…
What the Capulets did to Juliet explains why they were selfish because instead of respecting Juliet’s decision they thrash on her and say things to force her to become a wife. This disconnect with their daughter is why they were not able to save Juliet from death. The other factor that caused the demise of Romeo and Juliet was their want for their desires. For instants, Romeo did not think about the consequences of meeting with Juliet even though he was being hunted. For example, the balcony scene where Romeo is confessing his love to Juliet. Juliet warned him to not come over to because he may be killed but he truly believed that true love would have kept him safe. Romeo foolish decisions explains why he does not think about his decisions because he seemed to have been clouded by his desires. Not being able to not think clearly must have caused the many poor decisions Romeo tends to do later in the play. Juliet also is quickly clouded by her desires in many cases. To demonstrate, Friar Lawrence offers Juliet a potion that would cause her to seem dead for a while. When he asks for her decision she immediately grabs the potion without any doubt it would not harm her in any way. Juliet actions seem to show that she
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