Romeo And Juliet True Story Essay

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The True Story of Romeo and Juliet “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Shakespeare page 57) This line is one of the most famous words spoken in Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare. But, Romeo and Juliet was not William Shakespeare’s original plot. Romeo and Juliet was derived from the Italian story in the thirtieth century. The original book was named Giulietta e Romeo by an Italian writer Luigi da Porto and was based off the factual rivalry between Cappuleti and Montechhi. Giulietta, daughter of Cappuleti, loved someone with whom she was forbidden to be friends. The Cappuleti family lived in Verona, Italy and were on the wealthier side of the social class system. The Montechhi, the Cappuleti family’s rival, also were…show more content…
This empty coffin made of marble is where scholars believe the was first laid to rest. This tomb has since been made into a museum and is another symbolic place for partners . Many couples get married in the church of the famous lovers. It is known as “Juliet’s Love Promise.” The true story of Romeo and Juliet has affected millions for hundreds of years. The original couple have become a symbol of love and tragedy. The story Giulietta and Romeo’s risks that they had taken for love are still relatable today. Their love for one another will continue to live on for another seven hundred years. Even though there are theories and different versions, the true story of Romeo and Juliet will remain the same. Giulietta Capuleti and Romeo Montecchi will forever be remembered for their forbidden love in the thirteenth century. Today, Giulietta and Romeo are represented through many different types of art such as music, dance, theatre, and literature. They are the base of many movies and songs, such as Letters to Juliet with Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift’s hit song “Love Story.” Their story is known to be the most devastating love story ever told. Giulietta and Romeo’s love story may be changed or rewritten in some works, but the true story will remain in the historical town of Verona,
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