Romeo And Juliet Violence Theme

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Theme of Violence

1.Terrorism 2.Physical 3. Jealousy Terrorism is one of the most violent actions of today that causes the most pain, sorrow, and grief for many people directly involved and people who aren’t. In the 21st century, terrorism is a trending problem that continues to grow and intensify as rebel groups such as Isis grow stronger and stronger without anyone taking them down. I would promote terrorism as number one for the most violent aspects of today because so many nations around the world are constantly getting terrorized. I think the onslaught of violent terrorism is very similar to problems in Romeo and Juliet because of all the deaths and sorrow that occur from both connections. In the play, the ending had a large
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In the 21st century, jealousy is something that is always going around because some people want to brag themselves up and show off their skill. Some people who can’t perform those actions as well can show signs of jealousy, which everyone hates to show because they want to be just as good or even better. This can lead to violent retaliations depending on how serious the situation is. I would rank jealousy as third because someone at one time or another will be jealous, which can lead them to the thought of getting revenge. In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt wants to get revenge against Romeo for him crashing the Capulet party that he wasn’t supposed to be at or go to. In the play, they weren’t necessarily jealous of each other for their skills but they did show off the good skills that the other one wasn’t as good at. For example, Tybalt was a better swordsman than Romeo was, and Romeo knew how to compromise and use his words better to achieve his goals. Today, many people can use jealousy as a tool to make themselves seem better and in some cases use it to justify revenge against someone. Jealousy can also be the start point of something that can start as something small, but add up over a very short period to become violent, which can lead up to physical violence of even some sort of revenge
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