Romeo And Juliet Vs Interlopers

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An overwhelming amount of crimes that are committed are motivated by hatred. The behavior portrayed in both stories was motivated by hate and lead to heinous outcomes. In Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare, Romeo was pushed to his limits when his friend Mercutio was killed. Even the most civil people can surprise you when their actions are motivated by hate. In Saki’s short story “The Interlopers”, Ulrich and Georg continued their hate for each other in a life-threatening situation. Continuing the family cycle of hate between them was top priority over their own lives. Hate reveals parts of people that others have not seen. Shakespeare and Saki revealed in their writing that hate can bring out the worst in people through Tybalt threatening Romeo’s…show more content…
Romeo was in love with Juliet and would not want to do anything to hurt her. His actions were driven with boiling hate. He was pushed too far and ended up killing Tybalt and being banished to Mantua. Tybalt and Romeo were loyal men to their families and it unfortunately led to murder. Similarly, Georg and Ulrich were raised to hate each other like it ran in their genes and they carried the trait to their deathbeds. When they came to the realization that their men were not coming, they continued to make negative comments to each other. On page four Georg said “Are you sure that your men will find much to release? I have men, too, in the forest tonight, close behind me. And they will be here first and do the releasing. When they drag me out from under these damned branches it won’t need much clumsiness on their part to roll this mass of trunk right over on the top of you. Your men will find you dead under a fallen beech tree. For forms shake I shall send my condolences to your family.” Georg had the choice to be nice to Ulrich when they both knew they were dying. He decided to threaten to take Ulrich’s life if his men got there first. Also, on page five their conversation went from Ulrich trying to make amends, but Georg dismissed it. “Could you reach this flask if I threw it over to you?” asked Ulrich suddenly; “There is good wine in it, and one may as well be as comfortable as one can. Let us drink, even if tonight one of us dies.” “No, I can scarcely see anything; “there is so much blood caked around my eyes” said Georg, “and in any case I don’t drink wine with an enemy.” Both of the men knew their fate that evening when time kept passing while they waited for their men to rescue them. Georg decided he could not put their feud to the side for their last moments together; although, it was his last hour on earth, he honored his family’s hate toward Ulrich and denied drinking with
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