Romeo And Juliet Vs Today

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is about two young teenagers who hide their love from their parents. Their actions have similarities and differences in how teenagers act today. Many differences include technology, culture, and the way they treat each other. Some similarities are their actions towards each other, the rebellion that takes place, and the way they think they love each other but they may just be in love with looks. One of the biggest differences in teenagers dating lives today is technology. Today teenagers are always using technology, which is often used to interact with other people and to find people that they may be interested in dating. In the time of Romeo and Juliet, there was no such thing as this so and most of the time they could not choose who they dated. Back then people would have arranged marriages to keep wealth in the family. Also, girls would get married at thirteen and they may marry a twenty-year old. Back then once people got old enough to work and start a family they did. Today, we have school and college people can go to to get a better job. Another difference is the way Romeo and Juliet treated each other. When they would speak to each other they would talk about how much they loved one another and they would rather die than not be with each other. For example, after they got married, Romeo said, “Ah Juliet, if…show more content…
One way is when Romeo and Juliet first met and how they thought they were in love. Nowadays people may think someone is cute or pretty, they might start to get to know them and talk to them on social media and then ask them out on a date, only to realize that they really do not like them at all. Another thing that is similar is the fact that Romeo and Juliet were rebelling against their parents because the two families were enemies. When you are a teenager and someone tells you not to do something, it just makes it harder not to do
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