Romeo And Juliet Who Is To Blame Analysis

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“Who Is To Blame?” Romeo and Juliet is a very well known play written by William Shakespeare. The story takes place in Verona, Italy; Romeo and Juliet meet and fall instantly in love. The problem is that the Montagues and Capulets, Romeo’s and Juliet's families, are in the middle of a feud. After a big misunderstanding in the end of this famous play, the couple commit suicide for each other. But the question is, “Who is to blame for their deaths?” Many people believe the answer is Friar Laurence, the nurse, or Romeo and Juliet themselves. Really the feud was to blame for the tragic ending. First off, if the feud wasn’t there, the couple could have fallen in love peacefully, and Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have had to hide their marriage. “O Romeo. Romeo!…show more content…
So the friar gave her a potion that would fake her death, and she’d be asleep for two days. He’d tell Romeo that she is faking and they would meet and run away. But Romeo never got the letter, but he did get news that she was “dead”. So he ran there and killed himself, when Juliet woke up to find Romeo dead she really killed herself. So if the feud wasn’t there then Tybalt wouldn’t have died, Romeo wouldn’t have been banished, and Juliet would never had to go to the friar. Meaning they would have lived. Many might think it was Friar Lawrence's fault because he gave Juliet the potion and plan in the first place. But again, like before, Juliet would have never had to come to him if the feud wasn’t there. In conclusion, the fault of Romeo and Juliet’s death belongs to the feud between their families. All in all the they wouldn't have had to hide their marriage, Romeo wouldn't have been banished, and Juliet wouldn’t have had to fake her death. Because of Shakespeare's death we will never know the true reason for the fault, we don’t even know why the feud started. So it’s all down to you, the reader. Who do you think is to
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