Romeo And Juliet Who Was To Blame Analysis

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Age Was to Blame

The play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare is about two teenaged star-crossed lovers

from rival families in the 1500’s. Juliet’s parents, the Capulets, throw a grand feast and invite many

guests hoping for their daughter to meet Paris, a wealthy older suitor they have chosen for her to marry.

Instead she meets Romeo of the Montague family and she falls in love with him. During their

relationship they had to face many challenges and try to overcome their family’s hatred for each other

but only death is left in the wake of their great love. Many different things contributed to the death of

Romeo and Juliet including the rush Juliet felt because of her engagement to Paris, the secrecy they had

to keep because of the family hatred and Friar
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In the beginning we saw Romeo in love with Rosaline and Shakespeare intentionally added that

aspect of Romeos life in the beginning so we could see how easily he could “fall in love” with a new girl.

This goes to show how we should not trust anything of what Romeo says he feels but Juliet falls on his

every word because it is the better alternative to marrying Paris.

Both Romeo and Juliet had acted impulsively with their feelings and selfishly with how they

acted on them. They knew that their being together would be a hardship on themselves end others but

they selfishly continued without thinking about the toll it would bring to the community. They planned

to run away from the rest of the world and Juliet pretended to be dead only later for both of them to kill

themselves. Juliet was already an emotional person but she was exceptionally emotional at this time

from the death of Tybalt. Juliet had doubts of the marriage because “[she had] no joy of this contract

tonight: it [was] too rash, too unadvised, too sudden; too like the lightning, which doth cease to be ere

one can say "It lightens"” but she continued on with the plans showing how reckless her thinking
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