Romeo And Juliet: Who's To Blame?

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Who is to Blame? The person that was responsible for the deaths was Lord Capulet. I will tell you my different reason. He is Juliet father. The first one is when Lord Capulet planned a party in a big room with a lot of people. Juliet was there, Romeo, and Paris too. Paris wanted to marry Juliet. But the things that he didn’t know it was that Juliet was already married with Romeo but she didn’t tell her father because he was thinking that she was too young. Juliet said no to her father but he didn’t understand and that’s making her father furious and very nervous. But that’s make Juliet depressed that Lord Capulet was not happy when Juliet said no to marry Paris. When Juliet said no, Capulet screams “out you baggage, you tallow face”
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