Romeo And Juliet Young Love Essay

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The Ups and Downs of Young Love In acts 1 and 2 of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, young love consumes people on a roller coaster of contrasting emotions and senseless decisions in the blink of an eye. Romeo aches for his first love Rosaline, who tears his heart out from within, generating Romeo to feel a gaping hole in his chest and heaps of depression. Additionally, Romeo fortunately encounters another love, Juliet, an enemy of his, and will proceed through irrational acts to demonstrate his undying affection for her. The act of young love shatters as Rosaline slashes Romeo’s heart out of his chest, producing sorrow and depression to overcome his feelings of delight that he once partakes for her. For starters, when Rosaline…show more content…
Even though Romeo advances from a family of Montagues and Juliet appears from a family of Capulets, who totally loathe each other, he will not let that stand in the way of love. Juliet emphasizes that Romeo should not care about their opposing families and just “Deny thy father and refuse thy name; What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” (2.2.40). Romeo may love Juliet nonetheless but with rash decisions comes severe consequences. Senselessly, Romeo risks his life by encountering Juliet. He acts blindsided to the fact that disturbance can approach for conversing with the enemy. In Similarity, Romeo experiences such great elation in the presence of love with Juliet that he will accomplish anything to prove it, including the irrational act of marriage. To demonstrate that Romeo’s love for Juliet ceases to fade, Romeo seeks Friar Lawrence and “pray[s]: That thou consent marry [them] today” (2.3.60). Just like that, it takes two days for Romeo to come across his darling and decide on the absurd idea of matrimony. The bliss Romeo senses for Juliet stands sturdier than any pain felt formerly, which causes him to create these foolish choices. If either families find out about the marriage, Romeo and Juliet can get entangled in great trouble and stir up some great
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