Romeo And Juliet's Death

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The story Romeo and Juliet is about two families who hate each other, and are in a non stop war. In the end the families come together, and end their differences. In order for this to happen, Romeo and Juliet die, and the person who is responsible for their deaths is, Friar Lawrence. He is the one who married them, he came up with a fake death plan resulting in real deaths, and he ruined their plan as well. Friar Lawrence is responsible for Romeo and Juliet 's deaths. Friar Lawrence is responsible because he is the one who married them. He thought that it would solve the family feud, which it did, but they had to die from it. “Ill help you with your secret wedding. This marriage may be lucky enough to turn the hatred between your families…show more content…
Friar Lawrence is the one who came up with the plan for Juliet to fake her own death with the Friar’s potion “ Take thou this vial, being them in bed and this distilled liquor drink thou off, when presently through all thy veins shall run a cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse shall keep his native progress, but surcease. No warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest”. The plan mostly worked. Everyone thought that she was actually dead, and they brought her to the tomb as planned. It inevitably ended with them dieing though, because the Friar couldn’t follow the plan all the way through, and didn’t succeed in telling Romeo of the plan. Romeo took poison, because Friar Lawrence couldn’t tell him about the plan in time. Friar Lawrence was suppose to send Friar John to give Romeo the message. On the way, Friar John was quarantined due to plague, and didn’t make it. By the time he was let out Balthasar already told Romeo that Juliet was dead. Romeo ended up buying poison to kill himself, and be with Juliet “Her body sleeps in capel 's’ monument, and her immortal part with angels lives”. In the end, Romeo and Juliet 's families came together and finished their fighting. All it took was the death of Romeo and Juliet. If Friar Lawrence wasn 't in the book, then Romeo and Juliet wouldn 't of died and the families would still be in a non stop war. So thanks to the Friar the families will live together happily,
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