Romeo And Juliet's Death Research Paper

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Anchisa Pattanapitarn Mrs.Stage English 1 27 April 2016 The Cause of Romeo and Juliet 's Death Imagine two young loves brought together by one fateful night which later would be looked at to be the worst day of their lives. The story is basically about two young children who fall in love, but cannot be with each other because their families despise each other. Juliet’s parent believed that the tradition of arranged marriage was right. Her father finds a husband for her and her mom informed Juliet of the marriage with Paris, which was suddenly brought forth to ease Juliet’s grief. And this is the cause that Romeo and Juliet die. The parents should be blamed for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Do you agree with that? Lord and Lady Capulet…show more content…
All Lady Capulet can say to her, as her father approaches is "Here comes your father, tell him so yourself” (III. V. 124). This shows that she does not want anything to do with what her daughter feels and what makes her happy, for she is only thinking about herself and her respect of the family name. Lord Capulet, father of Juliet Capulet is to blame because of the grudge between himself and the lord of the other family. If they had been civil beings and sorted out their problems, Romeo and Juliet could have been married without the sneaking around and be happy with the support of their families. Juliet knew her father’s rule about marriage, and now that Lord Capulet had found a young man for Juliet to marry there was no way out but to lie. Her father had threatened, "Get thee to church a Thursday or never look me in the face" (III. V. 161). So if Juliet did have her heart set on spending her love with Romeo, the idea of faking death seemed very logical. Some people think it is a combination of people to blame. Some people say that it was Romeo and Juliet’s determination that brought them to downfall. They may be part way to blame, though, they really just misunderstood each other. Romeo killed himself first because he thought Juliet already died. Then when Juliet regained consciousness, she saw Romeo was dead, she has killed herself too “Then I’ll be brief. O happy dagger! This is thy sheath there rust, and let me die” (V. III. 183). So, this is the reason why the other side thought that Romeo and Juliet were to
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