Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet takes place in the city of Verona, where two clashing families unravel and then the story of two lovestruck teenagers is sadly affected. The teenagers are affected because of the relationships they had made with their parents and between themselves. With them developing their own relationships and growing into the people they will become, they lose track of other relationships they have formed with other people.

In the opening of the play, Juliet seems to have a favorable bond with her father. Unlike her father, her mother and her almost have a nonexistent relationship. Even without the relationship with her mother, Juliet wants to abide by her parents and do as they say, even when she doesn’t
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It starts because Tybalt comes looking to start some trouble with Romeo. Instead he ends up fighting with Romeo’s good friend Mercutio and kills Mercutio in front of Romeo. When Romeo sees Mercutio laying on the ground dead, he fights Tybalt and kills him for killing his good friend, Mercutio. Word gets around that Romeo killed Tybalt and that Mercutio is dead, so the Prince of Verona exiles Romeo from the town. The news about what had happened goes around fast, and the nurse tells Juliet about what has happened, but fails to tell Juliet that Romeo is exiled from the town until later, so Juliet thinks in the beginning that Romeo had died, too. When Juliet finds out that her husband had killed her cousin, Mercutio, she doubts about who she had married but she tells herself that she is newly married and should stay faithful to her husband. Lord Capulet hears all of the crying around him and thinks that a wedding would cheer everyone up. He states to Paris, “Things had fall’n out,sir, so unluckily That we have had no time to move our daughter. Look you, she lov’d her kinsman Tybalt dearly, And so did I.” (3.4.1-4). He explains to Paris that bad things had happened and he hasn’t talked to Juliet about this wedding. This shows the change in the relationship between Juliet and her father. He has changed from the kind and considerate father to the unruly father. One
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