Romeo And Juliet's Empowerment Analysis

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Juliet is dis-empowered by the end of this play. Throughout Romeo and Juliet there are several factors that contribute to Juliet's dis-empowerment. First Juliet is dragged down by Romeo through almost the entirety of the play. Then she her lover is banished from Verona, which leaves Juliet to sit and cry in her room alone for hours. These factors lead to Juliet's dis-empowerment. Juliet is dragged down by Romeo through the majority of the play. When she is on the balcony with Romeo, Juliet states, “ And the place of death, considering who thou art, / If any of my kingsmen find thee here”(2.2.64-65). Juliet is concerned about Romeo’s safety. She is saying that if the guards find Romeo he will be killed. Juliet is already trying to take care
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