Romeo And Juliet's Parents

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Kaela Eslinger
Romeo and Juliet
Imagine you had a rivalry family. Your daughter starts having a relationship with their son, they start sneaking around without your knowledge they get married. What would you do. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the parents of Juliet went through the same situation. One would think the parents of Romeo and Juliet would know their actions. While some people might think Friar Lawrence is most responsible for their deaths. He was only trying to help the two naïve lovers. Friar was only trying to stop the feud. “All right, my quickly changing man, I will perform the wedding, as you wish. This marriage may prove in the end to make your families once more friends” (act 2, scene 3). The reason is that Friar
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Lord and lady Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris. Her mom wants to talk to her about marriage, Juliet said she hasn’t thought of it. “.. The worthy Paris would like to marry you.” (Act 1, scene 3), lord Capulet is a really angry man when he needs to be. When Juliet said no to marrying Paris he blew up “I don’t want to hear this! You will go to the wedding or I will drag you there.” (Act 3, scene 5), Juliet’s parents aren’t really the listening type when it comes to marriage. Juliet’s parents are mean especially to their rivals the Montagues. The parents are most to blame because they had this childish feud with each other. “…Sampson! Remember-the fight is between our masters.” (Act 1, scene 1), when the parents found out they killed themselves they wept. “…. They are victims of our hate.” (Act 5, scene 3), the Montagues and Capulets never stopped fighting until both their kids died. In the story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the parents were to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death. The first point was significant because it was showing how the parents were to blame not Friar. The second point was significant because this is the reason she wanted to die, so she didn’t have to marry Paris. The third point is significant because after the kids die the parents are weeping over their loss and they decide the feud was stupid and became friends. Now you kind of know what it was like for Juliet and her
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