Romeo Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the book and play of " Romeo and Juliet " many are censured for the two's passings.There are three victims. Romeo, from the place of Montague, Juliet and her cousin Tybalt, from the place of Capulet. Romeo is to blame since he goes over the edge, and carries on of feeling. Juliet is basically to blame in light for the way that she executes herself. Without Tybalt none of the unfortunate things in the play would have happened. The key individual to blame would be Tybalt. He is the enemy of the story. Tybalt is a troublemaker and is consistently endeavoring to fight. In Act 1, Scene 5 Tybalt says "This, by his voice, should be a Montague! Present to me my sharp edge, kid." The quote shows that when Tybalt gets angry he needs to fight. In case he never moved distressed at Romeo for to the social occasion he never would've executed Mercutio, Romeo wouldn't have killed Tybalt and the ruler wouldn't have removed Romeo. Juliet is similarly to charge in light of the fact that she…show more content…
Romeo murders himself after he acknowledge that Juliet is dead. In Act 5, Scene 3 Romeo drinks the lethal substance and fails miserably in the wake of saying these words "Here's to my fondness! O honest to goodness drug specialist, Thy drugs are rapid. In this way with a kiss I pass on." Romeo took his own particular life subsequently he is to be blamed. In conclusion there are various ways that we, the perusers can stick the blame on any of these characters. Romeo explodes the whole time all through the play and book, these exercises finally lead him to his own specific death. Juliet Is so head over heels in reverence with Romeo that she cuts herself with Romeo's cutting edge when she see's that he is dead. To wrap things up, Tybalt is the reason everyone fails miserably in light of the fact that without him there would've been no fight and the story would've been sans
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