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According to myths, Romulus and Remus founded Rome in 753 B.C. The Roman Republic was established on Palatine Hill, looking on the Tiber River.
Romulus and Remus’ mother was a goddess named “Rhea Silvia.” Rhea Silvia was a vestal goddess, which meant she was a pure woman. She managed to get pregnant by Mars god of war. “As a consequence…, we will bury her alive, as the law demands, Rhea Silva must die!” her parents exclaimed. As history tells us Romulus and Remus’ uncle wanted to kill them; alternatively myth states, that Rhea Silva had them thrown in the Tiber River because of her pregnancy. While the brothers were drifting down the Tiber River, a she-wolf heard them crying and took them to her lair. She nursed her cubs and Romulus and Remus. As years went by, Romulus and Remus grew older and stronger. One day a
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The gods chose to send ravens, and whoever saw the most birds would win. The winner would name the city Rome or Reme. Romulus won the quarrel; he claimed to have seen 12 ravens.
Finally, Romulus started to build the city of Rome. He watched Remus jumping over his newly-constructed city wall, and watched him mocking his work. Remus said, “Call that a wall!? I’ve seen bigger pigsties.” Romulus became so furious he lifted a boulder and said, “If you jump over that wall one more time…
“Remus scornfully jumped over the wall. Romulus ran over to him and threw the bolder down on his brothers’ head. Remus was dead before he hit the ground. Romulus wept over his lost brother.
Eventually Romulus managed to complete the city of Rome. After reigning for 40 years, Romulus went missing in a storm and was never seen again. Legend says Romulus became the god called Quirinus. This name was given to Romulus because it is said, that he found the “Seven Hills of Rome”. Thus, was founded by twins that were raised by a she-wolf. Rome was surrounded by many myths that are still believed

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