Romulus And Remus: The Father Of Rome

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The story of Romulus and Remus has been passed down for generations. It is a story of blood and betrayal, and the loss of several lives. Rome was founded around 753 BC. The story of Rome began with Numitor, Romulus and Remus’ great uncle. Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, faced many hardships in their youth. Raised by wolves, Romulus and Remus had several attributes that could be attributed to the feral youth. Despite their feral upbringing, Romulus and Remus’ childhood led them to establish the city of Rome and lay the foundation of an empire. The childhood of Romulus and Remus was filled with deceit and betrayal. Betraying his brother, Amulius, great-uncle to Romulus and Remus, overthrew his brother Numitor. Amulius forced Numitor’s…show more content…
Romulus and Remus fought over who would be the sole ruler over Rome. “An omen determined that Romulus should be the founder of the new city.” (Gale Group)Asking the gods for help to decide who would govern the city, Romulus soon reined champion. Remus received the first sign of six vultures, but Romulus soon saw double the amount of birds, reigning Romulus the king. “Romulus killed Remus and became king of the new city, which was named “Rome” after him.” (Quote from book) Filled with anger, Remus’s feral instinct took over and a battle ensued, leaving Romulus the victor and king. Lacking women, Romulus kidnapped the Sabine women to populate Rome. “To populate his town, Romulus offered asylum to fugitives and exiles.” (History) Rome became the safe haven for many. Refugees, primarily men, populated the majority of the city. “While the Sabine men were enjoying themselves, the Romans seized the Sabine maidens, drove the men from the city, and married their women.” (Gale Group) The attack of the Sabine women helped populate Rome. The war did not favor any side, and many lives were lost to it. After the pleading of the Sabine women to end the war, Romulus and Tatius declared a truce. This truce gave them joint rulership over Rome. Romulus’ rule helped lay the foundation of an…show more content…
Romulus and Tatius ruled jointly over Rome.“A peace treaty was drawn up, and the communities merged under the joint rule of Romulus and the Sabine king, Titus Tatius.” (History) The citizens of Caenina, Antemnae, and Crustumerium rose up against Rome; fighting for the return of their daughters. Each battle raging furiously, the Sabine women pleaded for peace. A treaty was signed; naming Romulus and Tatius the two kings of Rome.“Tatius’ early death, perhaps perpetrated by Romulus, left the Roman as the sole king again.” (History)Ruling together for five years, Romulus had Tatius assassinated for sheltering the allies of the attackers of Lavinians. (Research) Romulus developed a system of hierarchy for Rome.Then he divided his fighting men into regiments of 3000 infantry and 300 cavalry, which he called “legions". With the development of the cavalry and legion, Rome had its first army. “From the rest of the populace he selected 100 of the most noble and wealthy fathers to serve as his council. He called these men Patricians: they were fathers of Rome, not only because they cared for their own legitimate citizen-sons but because they had a fatherly care for Rome and all its people.” Romulus selected the most wealthy and kind people to serve in his inner council. Romulus and Remus is a legend from Rome that was told for generations to come. While Remus was murdered in cold blood, Romulus was said to have ascended into the heavens. Even after Romulus’s rule, the Roman Empire

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