Romulus Linney Analysis

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Romulus Linney is not only a playwright but an author as well. With three books and many short stories. He has won two OBIE (Off Broadway Theater Awards) one for Sustained Excellence. Romulus Linney also has two National Critics’ Awards, three DramaLougue Awards, and many fellowships including grants from a few foundations. More on the life of Romulus Linney he was born in Philadelphia September 21, 1930. Born and raised in Boone, North Carolina. Soon you could find Romulus getting his Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College. Another few years Romulus earns a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama. Afterwards he starting writing and making a name for himself. Many staged all over the world. A great deal of his plays were stages in Appalachia and some others focused on historical subjects. Before his time to leave this earth Linney was the founding playwright of Signature Theater Company, which named a theater in his honor. Romulus Linney died on in 2011 from Lung cancer in his home.
The theme for this particular play is the past makes us who we are today. Past experiences can mean everything good or bad. The people we meet along the way can be very important to our growth through the years or even insignificant. Everything that you discover along the way
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It doesn’t state specifically where he lives however he is a Solider. Traveling and figuring things out as he goes and try’s his best to get through life. EX-GI describes his past which reveals a love story between himself and a French girl. In the beginning EX-GI has fallen in love with the French girl but near the end he lets her go. To live his life to live her life they separate and move on but never forget. A primary emotion that EX-GI displays would be passion in everything he does. Other emotions such as love in the beginning and in the end sadness, sympathy and distress can be shown when the French girl shows that she must have open heart
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