Ron Fridell's Argument Against The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment has been in this nation long before it even became the United States. On 1608, in the British American colonies now known as the United States, the first ever recorded execution happen. Ron Fridell stated that Captain George Kendall was executed for the capital crime of treason in Jamestown colony of Virginia; Kendall would spy on the colonist for Spain. Today people are given the death penalty, a punishment given for the result of a murder. Before, early colonist was hanged for trading with Native-Americans or simply stealing chickens, people were executed for minor crimes as it would disturb the peace of another colonist (Fridell, 2004 page 12). Being against the death penalty doesn’t mean I sympathize for the criminals…show more content…
The execution of the murder, well not heal the victim’s family heart. Their trauma and memories well come to mind every time they’ll think of their sincere love one. Instead of wasting funds and resources for criminals, and their promising death penalty sentences. Why not, use the money to aid families heart, with consoling sessions. They’ll later understand that not everyone is cruel, and they’ll find peace and closure. After going to these sessions can result to a stop of all the questions they asked themselves every day, like if they suffered throughout the course of the murder. Not only well it bring peace within the victim’s family, they’ll learn to forgive but never forget. Also, the money that will be left upon after the death penalty has been released, will give more resources and benefits to prevent people from causing violence and harm. It is better to think that this criminal will never see the light again, they’ll wake up knowing they’ll never be free again and they’ll be lock away from…show more content…
It’s immoral to be in favor of the death penalty. People who support it believe that by executing criminals well prevent them from murdering again, and they feel they deserve to feel the feeling of cruelty as they did to others. Citizens of the United States are fond to similar privileges and assurances. As Americans, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People believe that if a murder takes this rights from a person, why should they still be connected to society? They are no longer a part of us. But why let our standards down, why fall below our humanity and cause pain to the criminal’s family. Although he might’ve not had remorse for the person he killed, we shouldn’t be the one to punish with death. It’s absolute cruelty to let the person know when will it be their last day. I’ll never have sympathy for a criminal who has murder an innocent, but let us remember we are no better if we do the same. Life without parole is a better alternative than the death penalty. Sentencing a murder to life without parole (LWP), is much more satisfying as well know that their cruelty will never surround us ever again. Taxpayers well be paying less if we remove the death penalty, LWP will require less resources that what will be provided during the death penalty. Life without parole is a more lenient punishment for people who have brutally mistreated and murder people,
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