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Ron Horn stationed Maryland, band player and soldier during the years 67-71 of the Vietnam war. Knew a lot about what was going on in the war. Now a owner of the Reading Pretzel City Sports

Right after graduating in June Mr.Horn found out he had a number. Mr.Horn wasn 't drafted, but he was gonna be, they were taking up to 180 while he was 112. So then in September he went in.
The thing with Nam was as Horn said “it controlled your life” because if you were above the age seventeen you were able to get a number. But the thing was if you weren 't getting educated then you went in, if you were older you 'd get a later number. He didn 't want to go out to Vietnam and fight so he tried out to be a band player. So he would just play at ceremonies and do small jobs. Of course he would go through training and a process like that, but Still wouldn 't have be killed.
One thing that was horrifying was the news. They were saying who died that day and having people die on live TV also an estimate of how many people were killed that day and how people are being affected over there.
The question that was also asked if he was close to
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Something that is interesting is, when Vietnamese people came to the U.S to become citizens they were determined to learn some even made it to the top of the class. There also something upsetting things from the effect of the vietnam war. One is Most homeless people over 50 are Vietnam veterans because they couldn 't bring their mind back after experiencing what they saw and what they did.To follow up on that Mr.Horn had a friend who was in Vietnam with him, he 's also a very talented runner who participated in the boston marathon. He was 100 yards away when the bomb went off. That vibe gave him a flashback to Vietnam. He had nightmares for a year and couldn 't bring himself back until three years later. Also twenty-two people that were rather veterans, or in a war now kill themselves because they can 't handle it mentally. These numbers
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