Ron Unz's Argument Analysis

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In this memo I will be going over Higher Education Debates dealing with the fears of Asian quotas being imposed; as well as going over why there seems to be a trend of Asian-American parents who are more biased towards prestigious colleges. For the first article regarding Asian quotas, I will be summarizing and reflecting upon the six arguments whether it is believed that certain Ivy league schools impose a quota on the Asian-American population or not. As for the piece dealing with Asian American parent preferring Ivy League schools for their children, I will briefly summarize and discuss the cultural reasons why Asian-American parents are highly selective over their college choices for their children. In Ron Unz’s debate, he provides statistical evidence indicating that Ivy league schools place quotas on the Asian-American population…show more content…
A valid reason why legacies are often times more favored, is since the parents who are alumni could afford to attend that university when they were students and now their children are eligible to be accepted; chances are they are more likely to pay out of pocket since they are wealthy enough to afford it, and financial aid is of no concern to them. But for Asian-Americans, who are already less likely to be legacies, means that they could possibly come from middle income families meaning that they do need financial aid to help them afford attending certain Ivy League schools. At the end of the day, admission processes could be more bias towards legacies since they are wealthy enough to pay for their children’s schooling as opposed to most Asian-Americans who rely on the federal government to help fund their schooling. From what we can glean from this information, admissions appear to favor legacies due to the fact that they are able to pay out of pocket, which helps to directly support the school in various ways and keep its status as a top ranking private research institution reaffirming the belief that money is indeed
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