Ronald Bucca Research Paper

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Ronald P. Bucca A hero is a person who puts themselves in danger for others. Heroic acts can range from small gestures or actions to saving countless lives. Heros are known for their outstanding achievements and bravery. Ronald P. Bucca is a hero because he was brave, loyal, and courageous and is willing to sacrifice. Ronald Bucca was a true hero on 9/11 because of the people he had saved on that day. Sadly Bucca was killed as he was trying to save people. He was on the 78th floor in the south tower before it had collapsed. Bucca was known as the flying firefighter because he was tied on a rope rescuing people and putting out the fire. He saved quite a few people. Bucca was a hero that day for putting himself out there and put his life at risk.…show more content…
He had a wife, a son and a daughter. His family was depressed about the death of Bucca. They had a memorial for him and on his grave it said “Life is short and Love is long.” Bucca was also in the army and worked in the special forces. For his line of duty his family is proud of what he did and they will not forget that day. Ronald Bucca was a great hero on 9/11. Bucca was honored for the people he saved. Even though he didn’t make it, people will always remember what he had done on that day. Bucca was honorable, enthusiastic firefighter and a dad. His family and the rest of the people he saved will always remember him. Ronald P. Bucca was a hero and will always be known as the “Flying
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