Ronald Mcdonalds: A Short Story

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He was like my savior; he had made the best food ever, warming my heart while I was a kid. He was so funny in his commercials, that when I got older, I wanted to meet him. I became a reporter when I got older he inspired me so much. Now I am a certified reporter ; I am the best of the best. I love Ronald Mcdonald so much that is sent him a bazillion messages and him sometimes being a meany but I forgave him and he finally responded. And said yes we will meet at the at the great Mcdonald playplace! in the big swirly pink slide in two weeks time kinda kreepy but anything to meet my savior. Two weeks later, “I’m so excited! woo! I get to meet him. yes!” i’m on my way to Mcdonalds I get hungry so I eat when I get there so i got there and
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