Ronald Nay: The Importance Of College Education

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A College Education is not Needed to Make a Million Dollars in a Lifetime

A college education is the under-lying key to success in one’s future, are words most children heard and became conditioned to believe; however, while many aspire to go to college after high school, not everyone can, or should follow the path of higher education in hope of making a million dollars in one’s lifetime. Wendy Mead articles in shares the autobiography of accomplished gymnast Simone Biles, while Dean Takahashi article Eight grader knocks Angry Birds out of the top free spot on the App Store offers his reader an insight into renowned entrepreneur Ronald Nay. Jeff McGuire’s article Importance of College Education uses a subjective
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Programming and art-work for the Bubble Ball App had been done by Nay, while his mother assisted in the design of the game levels. A praiseworthy achievement in a solo effort of a 14-year-old; by contrast, the popular Angry Birds application was created by a team. Although Nay had not attended college nor had he received formal training in coding, an essential technique need in creating game applications, he was able to decipher Lua, Corona SDK coding language, since it was easy; in addition Lua had been endorsed by big game studios such as Electronic Arts. Furthermore, he had been interested in creating physics games and found Corona SDK impressive coding and physic easy to use while affording him improved workflow that allowed ideas to be developed and tested quickly and easily. Nay became one of the original success stories for Corona SDK when his game became available for download within a month. Moreover, during the first month of its launch, the app had been downloaded over two million times at a nominal cost of $0.99 cents yielding an impressive $2 million dollar return on a mere $1200 investment. Nay, quickly found himself a millionaire and a full blown celebrity appearing on Good Morning America and other prominent television…show more content…
On the contrary people like Ronald Nay, Simone Biles and a host of athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs of all ages are able to find various gateways to earning a million dollars in less than four years, the standard time allocated to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, his reference to college education importance becoming evident in terms of one’s earning potential in today’s economy is biased and based on his claim that the U.S. is transforming to an economy based on knowledge. McGuire tries to convince his readers of the importance of attending college by suggesting that the experience of reading books and listening to lectures of top experts in their fields is only available through formal education. Simone Biles decorated gymnast and is considered a top expert in the field of gymnastics based on her financial
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