Ronald Reagan And John F. Kennedy: Roles Of The President

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Roles of the President As the chief executive commander-in-chief, chief diplomat, head of state, legislative leader, economic leader and party leader, the president has an immense amount of responsibility to ensure that the American citizens are given there right there life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of the multiple responsibilities of the president, for filling the tasks of the commander-in-chief, economic leader, and chief diplomat has a large impact on how the American government is today. President Franklin D Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy each play a vital role in preventing America from a multitude of problems today. To protect the common good of the American population, the president acts as the commander-in-chief, economic leader, and chief diplomat, ensuring citizens their rights. Of the many roles the president plays for the American government, acting as the commander in chief is very important for the common good. The commander-in-chief 's main tasks are to leave the United States military, make decisions in times of war and to control the Armed Forces. However, to prevent excessive military control, checks and balances only allow Congress to declare war, not the…show more content…
to fulfill the role of the economic leader, The president and the nations budget, make tax proposes, and determines how to handle an economic crisis. An extraordinary example of an economic leader is President Ronald Reagan. Reagan said the fundamentals of America 's economy with tax cuts, introducing Reaganomics, increasing military funds, reducing the social program budget and recovering the economy from the stock market crash. Reaganomics, economic policies introduced by President Ronald Reagan, focuses money towards America 's military. With healing the stock market, economic leader Ronald Reagan displays how the economic leader protects the common
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