Ronald Reagan Eulogy Analysis

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On June 11, 2004, Margaret Thatcher spoke the eulogy recognizing Ronald Reagan 's life. In the proud and sentimental eulogy honoring Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher utilizes ethos, personification, and symbolism in order to direct the American citizens to who Ronald Reagan truly was and did for America.
In the eulogy honoring Ronald Reagan Margaret Thatcher uses ethos so that the audience may comprehend through her experience who Ronald actually was.Thatcher began her speech by mentioning how “...[she had] lost a dear friend” which is a symbol of ethos(Thatcher). When Thatcher made that close connection calling Reagan her friend, the audience felt that Margaret knew what she was talking about and that they should believe her due to her up close experience. Margaret made Reagan seem like a regular person that anyone could have been friends with because he was like everyone else. Margaret emphasizes how strong her and Ronald Reagan’s bond was by adding his nickname “Ronnie…” which draws emotion (ethos) from the crowd(Thatcher). Thatcher gave Reagan a nickname in her eulogy so that the audience would be able to recognize how dear he is in her heart. Moreover, by inputting some of her personal life into the eulogy the audience feels closer and more connected to her. Margaret shares how she “...worked closely…” beside Reagan for “...eight…” of their “...most important years…” together(Thatcher). Margaret needed the audience to know her and Reagan’s background so that they would
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