Ronald Reagan Informative Essay

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Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was a character who optimized many of the people when things went very poorly. Many people said his personality was courage, courage that was natural to him, and a courage that was ultimately contagious. He also did do so much more like creating Reaganomics, strengthening nations, and improving many things in the economy. He also did many things that helped out the people, which was his main goal. He started economic reforms called, “Reaganomics” which spurred growth and cut taxes for others. By this you can see that he really cared for the rights others had. I also think that it showed how wise he was to create his own reform that assisted the people economically. This helped because it reduced the growth that the government was spending. This is another important thing he did for us. He did this to reduce the money spent so that we would be able to benefit from it. Reagan did make a lot of changes that really helped the people better their money problems.…show more content…
During his service the economy improved and ended the cold war. This is a such great thing that he did, in ending the cold war. I think that he did improve the economy by everything he was changing and fixing. Reagan’s main importance was for us to win the cold war because he thought all people deserved to be free. I think that he worked really hard to win the cold war, because he cared about everyone. To me, he did such a great thing for the united states that day because of all his hard work. He did do a lot to improve the economy and end the cold war for our safety during his time serving. All in all, Ronald Reagan was such an inspiration, hard worker and courageous person. He really did work his hardest to help our economy and end wars that were damaging our living environments. In my opinion, Reagan only wanted the best for the people, and he definitely showed it during his time as President of the United
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