Ronald Reagan Interview Analysis

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Bermudez: What are your first thoughts about President Reagan. Workman: I despised him. Bermudez: Why did you despise him? Workman: I thought he was unqualified to the president of the United States. Despite the fact, he had been governor of California I think first and foremost he was an actor. It seems to me he acted his way through the presidency. Furthermore, his policies were inhumane and self-serving. I can be more specific. Bermudez: Okay. Do you recall and 1980 election? Workman: He beat Jimmy Carter, is that right? Bermudez: Yes. Workman: I have never voted for a republican in my entire life. And I never will. I don’t mind telling you how old I am, I was born in 1950. So, in 1968—November of ’68 I was a sophomore in college. I went to college when I was 17, too young. In November of ’68 Nixon was running against Humphry and I felt the same way about Nixon that I do about Ronald Reagan. I was imminently draftable and a Vietnam War was raging, so I could have been drafted. I would have been sent to Vietnam to kill people and I wasn’t eligible to drink legally in Pennsylvania. I could not even vote.…show more content…
I can tell you that when I arrived in Michigan I was driving a VW [Volkswagen]. I’m Jewish I come from New York City, my family are lifelong democrats and liberals. When I left Michigan, I left driving a Dodge and I was married to a catholic woman whose father worked for Chrysler. So, I think it’s a perfect metaphor for my life, I arrived driving a VW and left driving a Dodge. In terms of TV shows that is a hard one for me to answer because am not an avid fan of sitcoms and things like that. What I do remember is that I used to watch things like sesame street and Mr. Rogers and the Simpsons. What I mostly remember are the show’s I used to watch with my kids. But I don’t remember anything more specific than that. This same is true of music, I listen to classical music so I was not big on pop
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