Ronald Reagan Leadership Qualities

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An advocate for the people, Ronald Reagan is known for being a strong leader and making a positive difference in our country. He has not only held these qualities as president, however. His journey from small town Illinois to the oval office was a long and arduous one, but he was still able to show his character through his work as a student, an actor and a politician. I have done this through my educational career as well; as he was also the student body president of his high school, I feel that I mirror the leadership qualities of President Reagan. In the student council at my high school, I have helped accomplish countless tasks and school wide projects. Of course these were done with a lot of help but I worked hard to lead my team to achieve our goals. I have been in student…show more content…
Each year, student council has become more complicated but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been in charge of planning a United Services blood drive, the entire homecoming parade, our school 's coronation ceremony for homecoming, the Junior Prom, and I am currently in charge of planning the graduation ceremony. These projects were only the ones I led but I also have assisted in the majority of the initiatives completed by our high school student council. I could not complete these projects without the hard work and dedication of many of my fellow students. I think the hardest part of working on big projects was delegating; I am often worried that if I don’t complete something myself it will not get done. I have learned through experience that the best leader that people want to help is one that assists in all tasks that need to be completed in a project but one that also steps back and lets others take responsibility. Through the many projects I have helped execute in my school, I believe I have made a positive difference; yet, I did not want to be seen as the assigned
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