Ronald Reagan Legacy Essay

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When we look at all 43 presidents that have ever served America, several presidents have left a long legacy. One of those presidents is revered as the greatest president that has ever served. That president is Ronald Reagan, the 40th president. President Ronald Reagan served America during the turbulent years of the Cold War from 1981 to 1989, (Previdi, 1998). . One of President Reagan’s legacies was he was able to lower inflation as well as lowering the marginal income tax rate. These initiatives helped America grow as a super power. Known as the President which brought down the Soviet Union, President Reagan met with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to solve the conflict between the nations. These meetings helped prevent World…show more content…
This position allowed him to be a spokesperson for the movie studios to the many employees of the studios in Hollywood. His speeches mesmerized the crowds. His newfound passion allowed him to blossom and soon enough, Ronald Reagan was running for election of Governor for the state of California. Many doubted the seriousness of his campaign, since he was an actor. He won the election and started his career in politics. During his governorship, Ronald Reagan got a taste of what it meant to serve the people. Many protest occurred in his state during this time due to the Vietnam War. Ronald Reagan had to act quickly and decisively during one of the protest in a college, calling in the National Guard to restore peace. These actions did not go un-noticed. Soon Ronald Reagan was nominated by the Republican Party to run for President. Unfortunately, Ronald Reagan lost and Richard Nixon was elected during that year’s presidential race. After losing several presidential races against Nixon and Ford, Ronald Reagan finally got his shot to be president in 1981. This was the start of one of the greatest presidential tours of all times. The nation was frail, coming out of the Vietnam War. The cold war was underway. The new president had a lot on his plate. The economy was in a down spiral. He had to make many changes in order to take the nation out of the dumps and into prosperity. He was viewed as a right wing extremist, but one thing is for sure; President Reagan believe his country could prosper
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