Ronald Reagan Pros And Cons

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On February 6th 1911 former United States president, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in the small town of Tampico, Illinois. Reagan attended and later graduated from Dixon High School. Reagan continued his academic and athletic career at Eureka College of Illinois. After graduating college Reagan found work in the film industry and appeared in over 50 films. Reagan’s platform as an actor allowed him to appear in the political spotlight when he gave a well-received televised speech for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Leading up to this speech Reagan’s ideologically had become increasingly conservative. A few years after the speech Reagan was elected as governor of California. Reagan’s popularity and charisma aided him into becoming the 40th president of The United States.
Reagan is notoriously known for his ability to influence legislation. During the campaign of 1980 Reagan proposed a massive tax cut of approximately 30 percent. These
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Reagan had a deep pursuit to shape the Court’s, he even promised to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. He quickly fulfilled his promise by nominating Arizona judge Sandra Day O’Connor as associate justice. O, Connor was unanimously approved by Senate and became the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. Reagan meticulously chose potential judges in order to indirectly effect court decisions. For example Reagan wanted to reverse Roe v Wade and needed more judges on board to help accomplish his goal. Reagan appointed O’Connor because of her moderately conservative views and views towards abortions. During the call to reverse Roe v Wade, O’Connor provided the vote needed to uphold the Court’s earlier decision. Of the four Supreme Court nominations made by the president, three were confirmed by the president while the other was rejected by
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