Ronald Reagan Rhetorical Analysis

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In his March 1983 speech at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals, U.S President Ronald Reagan pledges to maintain traditional Christian values in America. He addresses the concerns of many in his evangelical base; the diminish of traditional values in the United States, as progressive legislation was being passed at an increasing rate in Congress and in the midst of the threat of communist atheism. Reagan was one of the most influential presidents in American History due to his policies that changed the trajectory of the United States and the world in the late twentieth century. His fiscally conservative economic policies allowed the American economy to thrive following the recession in the early 1980’s and his affirmative foreign policy in addressing the conflict with the Soviet Union, which would eventually lead to its demise in 1989. (Hayward, pg.3) The recession allowed Reagan to rally many supporters fearful of their financial fate, the Soviet threat compelled many voters to support him out of fear of communism and nuclear war, and Reagan appeal to evangelical base won him the evangelical vote in both presidential elections. Reagan’s belief in traditional “nuclear family” values accounted for his support among evangelicals and was the focus of his remarks at the annual convention in 1983. He discussed matters of abortion, contraception and public prayer to emphasize the diminishment of traditional values in government and society. Reagan

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