Ronald Reagan's A Time For Choosing

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Ronald Reagan’s speech “A Time for Choosing” was televised on the national broadcasting station NBC in October 1964, to show his support for presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Reagan gave his speech to bring the people together in support of Barry Goldwater as well as to tell the American people the truth behind the rumors of Goldwater’s opponents. Reagan was a great public speaker and confronted all the statements made about Goldwater, and encouraged the American people to elect Goldwater as their president. Reagan was very influential when connecting to his audience.. Reagan had the advantage and knowledge of public speaking and knew how to speak effectively to arouse emotions and desires in people he was addressing. He had the ability to be able to portray the desperation in his speech to convince the audience. Most politicians or public speakers did not have Reagan’s speaking ability. Reagan knew how to talk to an audience and to persuade them to side with his views. He was a talented speaker with the skills to speak effectively and attract the attention of the audiences. Reagan gave this speech to prompt the attention of the American people to the issues he was addressing. He spoke of the conspiracies that were…show more content…
“A Time For Choosing” is a historical speech not in light of its moving words or its suggestion to take action but because of a humble and influential man with the ability to fluently and eloquently speak to the American people with a stern honesty. Reagan’s speech was publicly reran multiple times. its value is still reflected on to this day to be one of the most effective speeches and is notable for redefining the conservative Republican party and a standout amongst the best every constructed to benefit a presidential candidate. Because this discourse was given with the motivation of convincing, instead of celebrating, or moving, there are relatively few illustrations or likenesses. However, he does use a repetitive
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