Ronald Reagan's Acting Career

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Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States of America. He had many accomplishments such as being a great American actor, ending the cold war, tax reforms, and rebuilding the armed forces.

Ronald Reagan signed a contract with Warner Bros. and appeared in more than 50 movies. Reagan met his future wife Nancy Reagan in his career in film. When he was drafted during World War II Reagan’s eyesight didn’t meet the requirements for going out into the field, so he made training videos for Americans soldiers in boot camp and his career in acting helped him. Another thing that his acting career tremendously helped him with was making speeches during his time in office.

Ronald Reagan played a monumental role in the Cold War. As soon as he went into office he stared increasing military spending and gave the Soviet Union a nickname “Evil Empire”. So after two terms and Reagan’s outstanding leadership the Soviet Union was defeated and the Cold War was ended. Concluding the defeat of the Soviet Union Reagan made a speech in Berlin about the Berlin Wall and he challenged them to take down Berlin Wall.
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69 days after he was elected as President of the United States of America he was shot in the chest but quickly recovered and went back to serving. At the end of his administration it was the longest period of all time without recessions or
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