Ronald Gorbachev's Diplomacy Geneva Summit

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Diplomacy Geneva Summit Geneva Summit was held in November 1985. Compared with Vienna Summit, where Kennedy and Khrushchev had taken part in June 1961, these Summits have some similarity but the result was completely different. And the difference was mainly caused by “the remarkable chemistry between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev” (Geneva 1985- Gorbachev and Reagan-), who were involved in the new summit, and the teamwork among the two leaders and their foreign administers.
Ronald Reagan was Arche-type Cold Warrior, in other words strong anti-communitarian. However, he had the other face of strong opponent of nuclear weapons. And he had a passion to grasp real Soviet Union because he believed mutual understanding will solve problems between United States and Soviet. However, for Soviet people, the former image was so strong that mutual understanding was difficult. What is more, Reagan was incoherent person. It deepened suspicion not only in Soviet Union president but also among the U.S. community. Therefore, six national security advisors were essential in order to help Reagan’s policy keep consistency and mediate
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Rest of conference conducted on the day was better mood than before walking. When SDI topic came back, Reagan’s way of talking became emotional again but Gorbachev could keep impatient. However, finally they couldn’t agree about SDI at any level because Gorbachev noticed that there was no way to persuade Reagan to drop the SDI. Instead, they made sure importance of future summits. Their friendship encouraged them into accomplish making state level friendship. This rapport softened the impact of the KE 007 affair among the participants. Two superpowers which had fought against each other now that they were at start point of dialogue at every level. From this aspect, the summit was completely
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