Ronald Reagan's Essay On Going Against The Government

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Going Against The Government Ronald Reagan once said, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” This quote says that the government is put in place to protect it’s people not to interfere and run their lives. With this quote Reagan is stating that the government does not have the right to take control of our lives. Many people often contemplate whether it is appropriate to go against the government or not. One should be able to voice their opinions and not be afraid. Therefore, it is appropriate to go against the government. It is appropriate to go against the government when they start to control the thoughts of their people. The government should not be able to get in people’s heads and control them.…show more content…
For an example a very powerful story about Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was arrested after she refused to move from her seat to another for a white person. Rosa Parks believed that race should not define who you are as a person. She stood up against the people on the bus and refused to give up her spot. Parks was on the bus to go home just like many, she was tired and exhausted. Instead of easily getting up and moving to another seat, Rosa defended herself. She did not just sit around and let those who discriminate her win. Instead, Parks was later then arrested and encouraged all the other blacks to stand up by not riding the busses. She then was put on trial and after a year Montgomery’s public transportation system was legally integrated. The history of Rosa Parks should and does inspire many. Be a Rosa Parks and when the government tries to go against something you have faith in stand up and let your voice be heard. “History is often portrayed as a string of arias in a grand opera, all baritone intrigues and tenor heroics” (Dove). The quote by Rita Dove states Rosa Parks’ bravery and power made her one of the world 's biggest heroes. The government should not define who you are. Therefore, take a stand for your
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