Ronald Torreyes Case Study

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Ronald Torreyes 24-year-old Venezuelan, who currently just concluded his first full season with Yankees. Standing at a height of only 5’10, Torreyes is the shortest player on the Yankees Roster. His stature does not although, hinder his playing ability as he has proven to be an impressive asset for the Yankees bench this season. To further understand Torreyes, we will need to further look into the man that I consider to be a great utility player for the Yanks.
Torreyes discovered baseball during his childhood in Venezuela, he would later sign with the Cincinnati Reds as an international free agent when he at the young age of 17. Torreyes never passed single A before he was traded away to the Cubs and then once again to the Houston Astros. During
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After a spring invitation to training camp, it was confirmed that Torreyes had made the Major League roster for the 2016 season. During his rookie tenure in the Yanks, Torreyes played 6 positions and started 47 games. During the season, Torreyes surprising talent made fans notice how great a player he can be. His defensive talent including his ability to get on base thrusted him into the conversation of bring a viable option for third base. Torreyes concluded the 2016 season with a BA of .258 and a fielding percentage above .900.
Torreyes however does have his fair share of weaknesses. One major weakness has to be his lack of hitting ability. Even during the month of August where he had a hot bat, his career stats shows us that he was never a great hitter. Furthermore, this backs up the reason the Dodgers kept him on the beach and played him more as a defensive replacement. But being merely 24 and as well only completing his rookie season, let’s hope Torreyes would be able to improve as a hitter.
Nevertheless, we will see more of Torreyes as his rookie season with the Yankees was more or less a success. His ability to play nearly every position on the field has caused Torreyes to catch the eye of many fans and as well as the organization as a whole. Going forward, it seems as the Yankees have gotten themselves a utility man who can provide them with years of great
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